We ignite students, educators, schools and communities
with a radically different method of teaching for the 21st Century.

Wildfire Education | K12 Entrepreneurship Education - Korda Method

For Students:
Our method creates life-changing learning experiences where students master skills and gain substantive confidence by solving real world problems on teams.

Wildfire Education | K12 Entrepreneurship Education - Korda Method

For Educators:
We provide training, toolkits and ongoing support for the design and implementation of a pilot course or unit that results in transformative teaching practices.

Wildfire Education | K12 Entrepreneurship Education - Korda Method

For Schools:
We create a “proof of concept” for 21st century teaching & learning that is personalized to the needs of your school and sparks school-wide innovation.


– Our Origin –

Wildfire Education emerged from Hawken School’s  Miller Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Educators Program.

We are a separate non-profit organization formed in 2017 due to the explosive growth of Hawken’s Educators Program and the increasing global demand for our services in entrepreneurship and problem-based education.


entrepreneurship education - Korda Method
entrepreneurship education - Korda Method - 21st Century Skills Curriculum
Instructional Practices for 21st Century Learning - Korda Method

“The Korda Method is an excellent turnkey solution for educators [that makes] teachers feel confident taking risks in their curriculum that combines content with building 21st century skills, not only because the methodology has proven successful, but because the training and support materials lead teachers every step of the way.”

Gabrielle Russomagno, Germantown Academy’s Director of Innovation


Wildfire Education | K12 Entrepreneurship Education

We have trained hundreds of public and private school educators to develop their own entrepreneurship and problem-based programs. They are successfully implementing this model in a variety of K-12 courses such as entrepreneurship, science, humanities, engineering, technology and global studies.


Interested to hear what these educators have built? Listen here


entrepreneurship education | Wildfire Education

Doris Korda


entrepreneurship education | Wildfire Education

Alison Tanker

Program Director

Michael Hudecek

Program Manager