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Season 3

The Firestarters: Educators Spreading School-Wide Innovation

This season highlights the global community of educators implementing the Korda Method. Doris talks to them about their practice as teachers, the impact on their students and community, and how it is changing their schools and districts.

Doris Korda and Alison Tanker
Firestarters: Patterns for Igniting School Change
In this episode, Doris and Alison discuss the themes that emerged from this season's conversations with 62 entrepreneurial educators who have courageously ignited change in how we do school.
Science Teacher Uses Entrepreneurship to Spark Schoolwide Change
Science Teacher Uses Entrepreneurship to Spark Schoolwide Change
In this episode, Doris speaks with Jeremy Wickenheiser, Founder and Director of Entrepreneurial Studies at DSST Public Schools. He shares his journey from teaching high school science four years ago to building an entrepreneurship program that has scaled across the...
Episode 72 Students Gain Confidence and Embody Citizenship in Rural District
Students Gain Confidence and Embody Citizenship in Rural District
In this episode, Doris speaks with Kesha Conway who has been piloting Korda Method across the Ashtabula Area City Schools District. They discuss a recent project in Lisa Raffa's high school Government class at Lakeside High School, where students found...
Canadian Students Design Solutions for Real World Clients
Students Design Solutions for Real World Clients in Ontario, Canada
In this episode, Doris speaks with Nicholas Timms from Hillfield Strathallan College. He shares the story of how transforming a traditional small business course grew into a student-run Design Studio, with high school students marketing and creating solutions for local...
K12 entrepreneurship, PBL, Korda Method
Going Beyond PBL for Middle School Girls in Columbus
In this episode, Doris speaks with Pam Reed, Humanities teacher at Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls. Pam shares how different it is to teach with this radically different method, as students learn history and critical thinking by solving contemporary...
Pioneering Education Innovation in Slovenia – Pt 2
In this episode, Doris and Alison discuss the journey that led to a recent workshop with educators in Slovenia. Also featured in the episode are excerpts from some of the entrepreneurial educators and students who came to the workshop in...
Episode 68 - Michael Hudecek and Jackie Clemens
Taking Risks for Students Across Cleveland
In this episode, Doris speaks with Michael Hudecek about the youth entrepreneurship program he developed as Program Manager for St. Clair Superior Development Corporation, an organization devoted to transforming one of the poorest neighborhoods in Cleveland. Michael discusses what he...
Do School Better Ep. 67 - Terry Chou and Doris Korda, STEM education, Korda Method
Teaching at the Intersection of Science, Business, and Technology
In this episode, Doris talks to Terry Chou, science teacher at Joaquin Miller Middle School in California. Terry shares details about her students learning innovation in her Science Enrichment and Research (SEARCH) class. Listen to what she has discovered about...
Episode 66 - Regina Rosi and Doris Korda, entrepreneurship education, korda method, empower girls
Using Entrepreneurship to Teach Leadership to Girls
In this episode, Doris speaks with Regina Rosi, Assistant Division Director & Dean of Student Life at Marlborough School, an all-girls school in Los Angeles, CA. They discuss the need to modernize leadership education in K12 schools. Regina shares the entrepreneurial...
Episode 65 Do School Better
Structuring School to Close the Gap Between Teaching & Learning
In this episode, Doris speaks with Dr. Rand Harrington and Phil Klein of Kent Denver School in Colorado. Rand is Head of School and Phil is Instructor of AP Economics, Director of the Hunt Family Institute for Entrepreneurial Education and...
Episode 64: Environmental Science Projects
Students Tackle Food Systems and Climate Change with PBL
In this episode, Doris speaks with Katy Yan, instructor of AP Environmental Science and Honors Biology at The College Preparatory School and former Science Teacher at The Bentley School. Katy explains the shift from research papers to real world problem...
Korda Method, Doris Korda, Chad Williamson, Nobel Impact
Teaching at the Intersection of Entrepreneurship & Public Service
In this episode, Doris speaks with Chad Williamson, Co-founder of Noble Impact. Chad shares his journey to teaching at the intersection of entrepreneurship and public service. He explains how the Sandy Hook School tragedy has influenced their work around social...
Teaching Skills the Workforce Actually Needs
In this episode, Doris speaks with Sarah Jensen, High School Entrepreneurship Teacher at Nichols School. Sarah brings an extensive business background to the classroom and discusses the value of students developing the skills they'll need when they enter the workforce....
Oliver Smith, Korda Method, Economics Projects
Economics Teacher in Singapore Throws Out the Answer Key
In this episode, Doris speaks with Oliver Smith, Business and Economics teacher at Singapore American School.  Oliver discusses the depth of learning his students experienced while solving problems for real businesses in his entrepreneurship and AP Economics courses. He describes...
Korda Method, environmental entrepreneurship course
Environmental Entrepreneurship Course Leads to New Way of Teaching Science
In this episode, Doris interviews Sarah Swain, former Science and Entrepreneurship teacher at St. Anne's Belfield School in Virginia and the incoming Assistant Director of Entrepreneurial Studies at Hawken School. Sarah describes the integration of environmental science into her entrepreneurship...
Economics Teacher Engages Students in Design for Social Impact
In this episode, Doris speaks with Adam Lang, a Teaching Chair and Instructor of Economics at Hotchkiss School in Connecticut. Adam shares how his students took ownership over their learning and developed skills by solving problems for community partners in...
Korda Method - creative world history curriculum
Students Learn Ancient World History by Solving Modern Problems
In this episode, Doris speaks with Julia Griffin, Humanities teacher and Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning at Hawken Upper School. Julia shares how her humanities department adopted a new academic method that transformed the way their students learned ancient...
Educator Equips Women and People of Color to Succeed in Tech
In this episode, Doris speaks with Mel McGee, Founder and CEO of We Can Code IT.  Mel shares how she applied Korda Method in Coding Bootcamps that are making the tech industry more diverse and inclusive by preparing unemployed and...
Building an Entrepreneurship Program that Redefines Teaching
In this episode, Doris speaks with Paul Chiment and Blake Dorfman of Laguna Blanca School in Santa Barbara, California. Paul is a veteran high school Math and Economics teacher and Blake an early career middle school English and Digital Art...
Entrepreneurial Educators Design Courses for Impact
In this special episode, educators who recently attended the Workshops for Entrepreneurial Studies share their inspiring plans for courses and programs in entrepreneurship, history, economics, math, science and more.
Students Learn Spanish through Real World Project
In this episode, Doris speaks with Rachel Mullen, Upper School Spanish Teacher at Hawken School. Rachel shares how her students advanced their Spanish communications, cultural awareness, and collaboration skills by working on a creative project for a multicultural marketing agency.
Pioneering Entrepreneurship Education in Slovenia – Part 1
In this episode, Doris Korda speaks with Janez Gorenc, an English teacher at Gimnazija Novo Mesto in Slovenia. Janez shares his journey to teach entrepreneurship in order to change education for his students so that they develop practical, essential skills...
Environmental Science Students Create Solutions for their School
In this episode, Doris speaks with Ben Leslie-Bole, environmental science educator at Athenian School in Danville, California. He discusses how his student’s work on a water retention project led to collaborative skill-building, meaningful discoveries about science, and informed solutions...
Alethea Tyner Paradis, Doris Korda, Korda Method
Service Learning through Global Problem Solving
In this episode, Doris speaks with Alethea Tyner Paradis, history professor at Santa Barbara City College and Director / CEO of Peace Works Travel, a socially conscious study abroad program where students learn through meaningful local problem-solving designed to foster critical...
entrepreneurship education, Korda Method
Entrepreneurship Education: New Model for Teaching & Learning
In this episode, Doris speaks with Jay Scheurle, Head of School and Entrepreneurship teacher at Miami Valley School. Jay describes how he modeled a radical new method of teaching and learning for his school by implementing a high school entrepreneurship...
Mastery Transcript Consortium, MTC, Korda Method
Movement to Create a New High School Transcript
Can a group of independent schools get colleges to accept a new kind of transcript without grades? In this episode, Scott Looney, Founder of the Mastery Transcript Consortium and Head of Hawken School discusses an initiative to bring important change...
Korda Method with Kesha Conway in Ashtabula County
Rural Public School Students Collaborate to Solve Problems
In this episode Doris speaks with Kesha Conway, Program Director at Ashtabula Leadership County. She describes her course where students gained skills in collaboration and problem solving by working on a real business challenge from their local community in rural,...
Korda Method with Anna Delia in Biomimicry and Leadership projects
Biomimicry and Leadership for Middle School Students
In this episode Doris speaks with Anna Delia. She is the Middle School Asst. Director and Science Teacher at Hawken School, a K12 independent school in Cleveland, Ohio. Anna shares how her middle school science students gain skills and knowledge...
Alternative education, korda method, Columbus City Schools
Innovation & Changemaking in an Alternative Public School
In this episode Doris speaks with Dr. Danielle Bomar. She is the Supervisor at Options For Success, a K12 Alternative School Program in the Columbus City School District for students who have been suspended or expelled from their home school....
Anne Love, Korda Method, social entrepreneurship
Teaching Social Entrepreneurship in Shanghai
In this episode, Doris talks to Anne Love of Concordia International School in Shanghai, China. Anne is the High School Academic Innovation Coordinator as well as a teacher of science and social entrepreneurship at her school. They discuss how Anne...
David Peden, Korda Method, Entrepreneurship education
Scaling Entrepreneurship Education Across a High School
In this episode, Doris talks to David Peden. David is the Chair of the Entrepreneurship Leadership program at Battle Ground Academy, a K12 independent school near Nashville, TN. They discuss the entrepreneurship education program he has built after attending an...
Korda Method
Season 3 Intro – Igniting the Next Chapter of Do School Better
Doris and Alison kick off Season 3 of the podcast. They share the plan for this new season, which is called The Firestarters. They also share some news about their new organization, Wildfire Education.

Season 2

Behind the Scenes: Teaching Hawken’s Entrepreneurial Studies Course

This season we take you behind the scenes into Doris’s entrepreneurship course at Hawken School to discuss the day to day of teaching a rigorous interdisciplinary course where students learn the critical skills they’ll need to be successful in the world.

Season 1

Core Principles: It’s Not About What You Teach, It’s About What They Learn

In this season Doris discusses the core principles of her educational philosophy with Tim Desmond and Alison Tanker, her co-instructors from the Entrepreneurial Studies Program at Hawken School.


Wildfire Education is an Ohio based 501(c)3 on a mission to transform schools around the world. It is the sole distributor of the Korda Method®, a teaching methodology that empowers students through deep learning by solving rigorous challenges from organizations in their community. Wildfire Education was founded in 2017 due to the increasing demand for the services of Hawken School’s Educators Program.

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