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Students gain deep knowledge, master 21st century skills and develop habits of mind as they solve real problems supplied by a person, business or organization.The curriculum provides the method for selecting problems and partners. The time required by the partners is minimal.  Students are given problems that matter to them, a team, and a deadline when they will present their evidence-based solutions to the partner.

Korda created Hawken School’s Entrepreneurial Studies semester course as the model for this method. In the Hawken program, teachers partner with local businesses who challenge their students to solve their real and urgent startup-type problems.

Example challenge: “How should Beam Dental market their oral care products and create customer engagement?”

Sample Student Presentation

Feedback from CEO


Korda Method is a highly developed curriculum so that students master cognitive, productive and social-emotional skills as they solve problems that are real and don’t have answers in the back of the book. They are empowered as they discover their own ability to create value and contribute to the world.

Korda Method - 21st Century Skills

Creative Problem Solving

Korda Method - 21st Century Skills

Critical Thinking

Korda Method - 21st Century Skills


Korda Method - 21st Century Skills


Korda Method - 21st Century Skills


Korda Method - 21st Century Skills


Entrepreneurship Education is about Skills Development


Korda Method

The instructional practices for Korda Method have been developed over 20 years of trial and error and iterations with many hundreds of students in high school math and entrepreneurship classes. There is a highly structured curriculum with teachers staying one step ahead of the students’ process as students learn methodologies and content, apply what they’ve learned, and reflect on it. Through this process, students develop the deep connections that allow them to internalize their learning and apply it in multiple and new contexts.

The methods incorporate the Lean LaunchPad®, developed by serial-entrepreneur and academician Steve Blank, as well as human-center design, innovation entrepreneurship and a variety of foundational methodologies. The program is based on analytical approaches to research such as agile development and rapid prototyping to test hypotheses and develop evidence-based solutions.


The method is rooted in principles of apprenticeship education, where teachers guide students through ever-greater challenges as they experience individual growth and mastery.


The Korda Method uses performance and portfolio-based evidence for mastery-based assessment. The method was fully developed in the Entrepreneurial Studies Program at Hawken School, the academic program origin of Hawken’s work to develop the Mastery Transcript Consortium, a group of schools committed to creating a transcript to transform high school.


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The Korda Method has been implemented by hundreds of trained educators in a variety of K-12 courses such as entrepreneurship, science, humanities, engineering, technology, math, languages and global studies. 

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