Our highly developed methodology was created over 22 years of teaching by Doris Korda, a systems engineer and entrepreneur-turned-educator. She experimented, iterated and validated the method in her classroom and across hundreds of others around the world. From pre-K to gray, urban to rural, and the United States to Kazakhstan, the method has proven results in classrooms of all types and all ages. 

100% of teachers we worked with found that our methodology of instruction resulted
in deeper learning and significant growth in students’ skills.


Korda’s methodology gives teachers the tools to center classroom learning on individual student growth, skills, knowledge and community impact. This methodology intentionally integrates two essential components: curriculum design for meaningful student work and a research-based method of instruction.

Curriculum Design for Meaningful Work

With this method, educators learn how to design curriculum that has students working on urgent and unsolved problems for others in their community. This meaningful work creates the motivation for students to learn complex academic content and develop critical 21st century skills, active citizenship and substantive confidence.

Research-Based Method of Instruction

Curriculum alone does not result in powerful learning experiences. The game-changer is how we teach. This method of instruction equips educators with practices to disrupt the industrial teaching model. It shifts teacher from “sage on the stage” to architect of learning experiences that are rooted in the cognitive science of how people learn best.


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Wildfire Education is an Ohio based 501(c)3 on a mission to transform schools around the world. It is the sole distributor of the Korda Method®, a teaching methodology that empowers students through deep learning by solving rigorous challenges from organizations in their community. Wildfire Education was founded in 2017 due to the increasing demand for the services of Hawken School’s Educators Program.

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