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Join our growing cohort of innovative educators who are preparing their students for a changed world. We will give you our methodology, skills curriculum, instructional practice and toolkit to equip you with everything you need to build your own entrepreneurship and problem-based programs. The educators who participate in our workshops are developing transformative interdisciplinary courses in a diverse range of schools as their students learn what they need to thrive in the 21st century.


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K12 Entrepreneurship PBL Workshops - Korda Method
What to expect:
  • Developing the Mindset
    WHY do this: gain a deep understanding of the philosophy and research behind this Method to use as the frame for everything else you learn and build


  • Learning the Core Elements
    WHAT to do: learn the key components of the Method required for a successful learning experience


  • Designing a Pilot Unit/Project
    HOW to create this: use the Curriculum Design Roadmap to design your pilot during the workshop with guidance and individual design consultation from Korda


  • Experiencing the Method for Entirety of Workshop
    HOW to teach this: learn by immersive doing as you’re trained in instruction, activities, workshops, feedback, assignments, etc.
What you gain:
  • Learn How to Find and Use Community Partners with Real Problems in your courses so that your students master skills, gain knowledge and develop substantive confidence. You’ll learn how to teach students to do market research, quantitative and qualitative analysis, design, apply technology and more.


  • Leave with What You Need to develop your own program or unit. We also provide you with the Korda Method Toolkit, a resource full of our materials and resources for attendees to use when they get home and are teaching their own courses.


  • Become Part of a Network of Educators who are pioneering new educational programs and practices to do school better.
K12 Entrepreneurship PBL Workshops - Korda Method
Who should come:
  • This workshop is designed for educators who are already committed to developing an entrepreneurship or problem-based program.
  • You don’t have to teach entrepreneurship for this workshop to help you. Educators use Korda Method in a variety of academic courses including science, humanities, social justice, etc. We’ve developed a rich mix of curricula, instructional practices, techniques, portfolio-based assessment, and resources that are applicable across your school.
Impact of Workshops on Educators:
Listen to this Do School Better episode where educators share their inspiring course design plans and takeaways after attending our recent workshops.


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Wildfire Education is an Ohio based 501(c)3 nonprofit on a mission to transform schools around the world. It is the sole distributor of the Korda Method®, a teaching methodology that empowers students through deep learning by solving rigorous challenges from organizations in their community. Wildfire Education was founded in 2017 due to the increasing demand for the services of Hawken School’s Educators Program.

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