For educators ready to make change across classrooms and schools, we give them the HOW by providing:

Educators with Teaching Methods
to develop their craft with ongoing support

Leaders with a Phased Process
to make healthy school change over time


Our methods were created by Doris Korda over 22 years of experimenting, iterating and validating in her classroom. Since then, we have worked with hundreds of teachers who have used these methods to develop their craft with proven results in classrooms of all types. With students from pre-K to gray, in urban, rural and suburban schools, and in countries from the United States to Kazakhstan.

These methods center classroom learning on individual student growth, skills, knowledge, and community impact. We help teachers integrate two essential components into their practice:

Curriculum Design for Meaningful Work

Teachers learn how to design educational experiences where students solve problems impacting and involving their community. The real, unsolved problems provide meaningful work. This gives students the motivation to learn difficult things well: developing critical skills, acquiring deep understanding of complex academic content, adopting active citizenship and resulting in substantive confidence.

Research-Backed Method of Instruction

Curriculum design alone doesn’t result in powerful learning. Nor is it enough to decide to do projects (PBL), teach new disciplines (like STEM), or even to choose experiential education. The game-changer is how we teach.

We give teachers immersive training and continued support in teaching methods backed by cognitive science in how people learn best. The result is that teachers significantly expand their instructional toolkit day to day, lesson to lesson, with any subject matter, and with a room full of very different students and learners.

100% of teachers we worked with found that our methodology of instruction resulted
in deeper learning and significant growth in students’ skills.


For schools who are ready to change teaching and learning, we provide school leaders with a phased process for school change. This process results in the healthy development of a culture where experimentation is embraced and innovation can take hold. Our change management processes have been designed and successfully implemented by Doris Korda, a systems engineer and entrepreneur-turned-educator with 37+ years of experience as an organizational leader.

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Wildfire Education is an Ohio based 501(c)3 on a mission to transform schools around the world. It is the sole distributor of the Korda Method®, a teaching methodology that empowers students through deep learning by solving rigorous challenges from organizations in their community. Wildfire Education was founded in 2017 due to the increasing demand for the services of Hawken School’s Educators Program.

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